How to write a letter

How to write a letter

How to write a Letters

How to write a letter
How to write a letter

Every letter will have the following points of form, which should always be followed

1. Heading- It means the writers address and the date, written in the top right corner

of the page, such as :

(i)  58, Abhinavnagar 

Housing Colony,

Borivali (East),


March 17, 20..

(ii) 9, Ram Nagar,

near the Tank,

Orai (Distt. Jalaun),U.P.

January 15, 20..

2. Name and address of the Person addressed- This is not to be given in the body

of the letter in the case of personal letters or intimate correspondence. In case of

letters of semi-personal character, the name and address may be given at the end of the letter in the left-hand corner.

3. Mode of Salutation and subscription-It depends on the type of relationship

you have with the addressee. In the case of relatives older than the writer, the

salutation may be-My dear Father, My dear Mother, My dear Brother, My dear

Sister, my dear Uncle etc. The subscription may be-yours affectionately, yours

very affectionately, your most affectionate son, (nephew, brother, sister etc.)

Where the relations are younger than the writer, such as sons, daughters,nephews, sisters etc., the form of salutation may be. My dear Shyam, my dear Rekha,My dear Prakash etc. with subscription as yours sincerely or yours very truly. Here the sender should write his full name and not just short name or the first name.

Where letters are written to strangers and to persons whom you have met just once or twice casually, the salutation should be Sir, or Dear Sir and the subscription

will be yours truly, or yours very truly. Here also, the sender should write his full

name. In letters to superiors like Principals, Professors, teachers etc. the mode of

salutation again will be Sir, or Dear Sir and the subscription will be yours most obedient pupil, yours obediéntly, yours respectfully etc. Here again the sender must write this full name.

4.The Communication-This means the letter itself. It may conveniently be divided

into three paragraphs :

(i)Introductory Paragraph- Old sterio-typed beginnings such as I was glad to receive your letter, your delightful letter just to hand, Hoping you are hale and hearty etc. may be avoided. The best introduction is the formal opening of the subject you are going to discuss in the letter.

(ii) Body of the letter-Write freely without any restraint in a simple and unaffected style. At the same time, you must have a clear idea of what you have to say in the letter and say it in a direct way. Make it absolutely a personal affair.

(iii) Closing Paragraph- Avoid such expressions as Trusting this finds you in

the best of health or Thanking you in anticipation etc. which are just formal

expressions. Instead, such expressions may be used as with best wishes, with

affectionate regards, with love etc.-

5. Address-The address on the envelope should be written as :


Mr. S.K. Pande,

6, Mall Avenue,



Smt. Snehlata Sharma,


Arya Kanya Inter Colleg

Ghaziabad (U.P.)

In case of registered letters, the word Registered should be written at the top the envelope and the sender's full address must be given at the bottom left hand corner of the cover.


How to write a letter
How to write a letter

Q1. Write a letter to your father giving a description of your recent college trip.


7, Bepin Behar College      Hostel


September 8, 20....

My dear Papa,

I am indeed very sorry for not writing to you for quite sometime. The fault is

entirely mine. Indeed, Papa, I had been so terribly busy in connection with the college trip, that I could not write to you earlier. The trip was organized so suddenly that very little time was left for preparations.

I was glad to know we were to go to Gwalior which I had not seen before. We were fifty students and four teachers. The railway journey was pleasant but

uneventful. We were at the Gwalior railway station on August 10 at 7 A.M. As we

had just one day for the whole show, we immediately left for the city with a hurried

bath and break-fast at the railway station.

Gwalior is beautiful city, with a big history behind it. The hills surrounding it

from all sides have made the city invincible in the past. The Gwalior Fort, standing

on a lofty hill, left us gaping in wonder, not only as a mighty bulwark of defence,

but also for the various magnificent buildings, monuments and statues, it contains

We next visited the famous Jai Vilas Palace, the pomp and show of which left

s wondering. The famous Phool Bagh with its zoo and museum, provided us with

a beautiful picnic spot where we spent another two hours and where we had our

lunch. Then we visited the various educational institutions-the medical college, the

engineering They are all college very well, the maintained agriculture. college and the college of physical education.

Really, Papa, one day's time was too short for I such a historical trip. It has left

me dissatisfied, for I could not see enough. I very much wish to repeat the

experience — but this time with you all. I wish, in near future, whenever you are

free, we shall all visit Gwalior again and enjoy to our heart's content. Hope, Papa,

you will not disappoint me.

Kindly convey my most respectful regards to dear Mummy and love to dear

little Sunny

Soliciting a quick reply.

Yours most affectionately


Q2. Write in about 100 words, a letter to your father requesting him to send you more money this time.


Govt. Inter College,


15th January, 20 ....

Dear Father,

You will be glad to know that I have stood first in the December test. I secured

95 percent marks. All the teachers are fully satisfied with my performance. They

hope that I shall get more marks in my annual examination. I have started preparing

myself for the annual examination. I need a few books and a notebook. I have to

pay the Board Examination fee also this month. I have also to buy a sports kit for

the coming tournament.

Kindly send me about Rs.500/-more than what you have been sending me. I

hope you will send the money at the earliest. Please don't worry at all about me.

Kindly pay my regards to dear mother and love to Nandu.

Your loving son,


Q3. Write a letter to your father informing him about your results in the examination.


14, New Hostel,

 K.P. School,


26th July, 20 ....

My Dear Papa, Mummy and Lucy,

Hello, Papa! How are all of you? I hope eveything is fine there. Lucy must be

busy with her exams. Hai! Lucy, Best of luck.

The results of class XI have been declared. These have been very exciting. I

have stood first in the class. I secured 95 % marks. You must be feeling proud of me.

We have started our new session. I have bought all the books. I have started

reading in right earnest. I am also attending the extra classes. We will be having

our holidays from 25th of next month. I shall come for a day or two. Rest is O.K.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. 


Your loving son


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